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What is Tapenade?
Hailing from the Provence region of France, tapenade is a spread made from olives, olive oil, capers, garlic, spices and usually has anchovies, however ours does not. Olive Harvest brand olive tapenade expands on this theme with fresh vegetables, and 3 varieties of olives.

Our Products:
Traditional Olive Tapenade
Sundried Tomato Olive Tapenade
Jalapeno Olive Tapenade
Olive Salsa

All Natural Olive Tapenade and Olive Salsa.
What is Olive Salsa?
Olive Harvest brand olive salsa is where Mexico meets the Mediterranean, in a deliectible blend of green and black olives with tomatoes, fresh onions and garlic, jalapenos and spices. Try My Sister's Salsa if you prefer a more traditional salsa.

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